Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An Update in Pictures!

A straight on view from inside the incubator.

Mr. April himself Wesley Noble.

Wesley holding Greg's wedding band

His little foot

His little hand

This little sign is on the side of Wesley's incubator. Every Thursday he is another week older (gestationally) and on Sundays he is another week older (for real). So tomorrow Wesley will be 28 weeks but really he is 2.5 weeks old! Whoo Hoo ! Confused? Yeah me too!

It has become our favorite time of the day- Holding Wesley!

This is a picture of Greg holding Wesley. Wesley is figuring out his fingers and keeps trying them out in his mouth. He has been taking a pacifier and loves it, but has been having trouble at multi tasking. Its hard to breathe and suck on a paci at the same time, so we will just stick to breathing for right now.


  1. Such precious little hands and feet!! Love those! Still praying for you all!!

  2. So precious, his little hand in the wedding ring, He is just so little and sweet and wonderful! Lucy I saw your Mom yesterday, tell her to call me if she needs anything!

  3. G&L, Wesley is ADORABLE! What a perfect little man. How much does he weigh now? He looks like he is a little bigger since his debut, but it is hard to tell in pictures.
    We have our small group tonight - so we will say a group prayer for the little tyke!
    :o) Stephanie and Chad

  4. he is simply handsome!!!! thanks for sharing with us!

  5. The Watson boys think he looks like a future Basketball player! Love to you all!