Friday, April 17, 2009

Baby got back!

This is an older picture of Wesley, but I thought that it was cute, b/c you get to see his back. Today Wesley had a busy day. He had a PICC line put in and also had another EKG. We were glad not to be there to see the PICC line go in. We hate to see him be stuck with needles, but were happy that they successfully got it in. That will be a more permanent line that he will get all his meds and stuff put into, which means less sticking and we are happy about that. We spoke with the cardiologist today about the EKG results. He still has a PDA (which we were really hoping was gone) but it has closed a little more. (Yeah) The cardiologist has to meet with the doctor and they will make a decision on whether or not to do another round of the medicine or to do surgery. Please pray that the doctors will have wisdom on what the best decision is to treat him and that it will close! The doctor was encouraging though, he said how good Wesley was doing and that he has come along way. We like to hear good news.


  1. I am so thrilled to hear the good news about Wesley today. It sounds like he is doing so well to be so tiny. He is one tough little guy! I will pray for wisdom for the doctors in making a decision about another round of medicine or surgery. Such a sweet picture of Wesley's back. How precious! Praying for Mom and Dad too. Love & blessings, Melinda Smith!

  2. Hey guys....You have obviously made such wise decisions for caring for Wesley. And I am sure God will continue to guide you as you ask questions, questions, and more questions. The decisions are yours, the docs can offer options, but the decisions are yours. As you consider the risks and benefits of any particular treatment or procedure, God will give you strength and discernment as you two have the purest motives for Wesley as you ponder the choices offered to you.
    You are such awesome parents....and we are continuing to hold you up in prayer every day.

  3. This is Aimee's Mom and Dad. We met you at your graduation from Montreat College~ a lifetime ago! You're in our prayers. Aimee's older sister was a preemie~ 3lbs. She's 30 years old now and quite healthy!
    This is a very precious time for the three of you.Blessings to you all,Greg,Lucy and Wesley~ Love, Lou & Linda Schimpf

  4. That is great to hear good news! I will continue to pray for wisdom for the doctors! He is really so so sweet. I'm so thankful that we can trust God with our little Wesley, God obviously has his hand on this little one's life!!!

  5. We are so praying for all of you! We love to read the updates. You two are awesome parents and we love you!
    Paul and Nancy Hull and the kids