Thursday, April 23, 2009

Big Tests Heading Welsey's Way

We have had a couple of good days with our sweet son since the start of the week which seemed so stressful. We have gotten to hold him a lot and we even began kangaroo care, which is pretty awesome and I am sure you will hear more about that later. However, an old problem has reared its ugly head once again. When Wesley was born he had some bleeding in the ventricles inside his brain. It was of no immediate concern at the time but just to make sure his head was not growing more than it should be they were going to measure the circumference of his head. So a normal head growth would be a half a centimeter a week. Well sometime over the last 24 hours his head grew an entire whole centimeter. it could be caused by a number of different reasons but they are going to do another head ultrasound tomorrow to get a better look to see what is going on. At the same time they are going to do another echo cardiogram to see what is going on with the PDA near his heart. We have been encouraged that the sound of the murmur is getting less and less. This may be a sign that it is closing. So we just ask that you pray for these two test he is going to have tomorrow. Please pray that the growth of the head is just normal brain growth or something that they can easily describe and fix. Also, please pray for the PDA to close or seem to be closing so they do not have to do surgery to close the duct. Thank you so much for caring for our little Wesley. He is a joy to be around and we are thankful that we get to see Christ more and work through him already.


  1. Big day tomorrow. We've got you covered in prayer:)

  2. praying for today's tests....hoping that they both come back with positive news!! he is such a cutie!!

  3. Hi, Greg and Lucy! I wanted to let you know that I have been following the blog for a few days and I am praying for Wesley and for the two of you! You are SO strong and I'm really glad you are sharing the details with everyone. Love and strength, M.C. Phillips