Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Getting Dizzy From Spinning in Circles

The last couple of days have been a little frustrating with Wesley. In the first couple of weeks of his life he made some enormous strides, but in the last few days it seems as though we have plateauted a little bit. Here is how it all went down. We meet with the doctor yesterday to follow up with a head ultrasound they did on Sunday. He basically explained that the blood that is in his head is still there. It has began to swell a little bit but nothing to be concerned. He can feel over 50 percent confident it will resolve it self, but we will have to wait and see. Our good doctor also explained that Wesley was going to get a third dose of the second round of neoprofen to close the PDA. For you sports fans keeping score at home this will be the end of his second dose. He told us they were going to repeat the echo cardiogram on Thursday to see if it has closed or not. So WE WILL JUST HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE. We are getting a little tired of this phrase. It seems that we are spinning around in circles with Wesley and we are getting pretty dizzy. But it is the truth. it is a rough way to learn patience and a dependence on trusting in the Lord.

Yesterday Lucy and I meet a good friend for lunch. We left after having this frustrating conversation with our doctor. While we were in the car the radio was on, but the volume was very low. Low enough you could not hear the music. My radio in the car will scroll the title of the song across the display. It moves pretty quick between artist, title of song, and radio station. Lucy was looking at it and it seemed to get stuck for about a minute and the word that was on the screen was TRUST. It was an odd reminder that either something is wrong with my car or god was meeting us in that moment. Please pray that we will be able to trust that God has Wesley wrapped up tight in his arms. Even in the moments that we are waiting around to see something God is moving and working. Our trust has been shaking over the last few days but we are moving towards Christ to meet us in this situation.


  1. God is good and He is speaking to you both, even through the circles that you are spinning. I am always amazed at how He does help us! I will continue to pray for you both and baby Wesley! And that you will lean on God and trust Him through the ups, downs and spins!!

  2. I'm praying for you guys daily! Trust is certainly a hard thing....especially where you guys are right now..i can't imagine....but who better to trust in!!

  3. God is the most trustworthy one (person/deity) there ever was/is/will be. What a comforting fact!

  4. I love to hear that God reminds other people to trust him, because it just confirms for me that we can all trust him. He is just as real to Wesley as he is to you and me. He has him in his arms so tight and knows his every breath. I'm so thankful that you two know this to be true! And I pray that God will give you plenty of reminders in the days ahead.

  5. Greg and Lucy, we praying for you and baby Wesley! What a precious gift from God, we love you! Caroline and Andrew Bost

  6. Remember when we were at camp and we walked up that big mountain? It was long and hard and exhausting. We got to the top and rested a bit then started on the rest of the trek. Wesley has had a long and hard and exhausting couple of weeks. Now he is resting a bit before he starts the next part of his trek. Don't be discouraged...don't lose heart...don't falter. Our God is HUGE and is workign on your precious son's heart, head and body. TRUST.
    we love you guys so much

  7. Lucy & Greg,
    What courage! God has trusted such a little soul with strong parents. The storm will toss and turn, but hang tight & keep your focus on Him. (Matthew 14:22-33)
    We can't imagine what emotions you might be going through but know we love you & are thinking and praying for you all.
    Much love,
    Stephanie and Chad Kraska

  8. I just want to let you guys know that I am praying for you and Wesley. I have a small calendar on my desk and some days it has scripture, but today it was a quote:

    Begin each day with the knowledge that God's love will carry you through anything.

    I think this really fits your most recent blog.

    Your friend,

    Karen Forbes

  9. As I was reading your blog for the update on your precious baby, I was struck that this is the verse for today on one of my devotional sites...
    “It is written: " 'As surely as I live,' says the Lord, 'every knee will bow before me; every tongue will confess to God.”- Romans 14:11.

    Thank you for giving all praises to God and surrendering all of your control to HIM. All we have at times is our trust in God, and that is where our peace and rest will come from.
    Here are some scripture verses that uplift our trust in HIM the Most High Lord.
    Psalm 9:9-11, Psalm 28:7, Psalm 91:1,2, Psalm 112:1-8a, Psalm 115:12-18,Isaiah 26:3-4.

    You all are prayed for by many hearts.

  10. I just got caught up on your blog today, and you're right, what a roller coaster. It's awesome that you guys are trusting in our Matchless Maker... I would like to interject something to make you guys smile... I was just thinking about that night at small group when Jason dared Greg to eat that whole bowl of cherries, and Greg totally did. I look forward to Wesley having an appetite and sense of humor like his dad and a loving and kind heart like his mom.

    Lots of love,