Sunday, April 12, 2009

Living in the Dean dome

It is amazing to see how God has had his hand on this entire situation. One of the most obvious ways is how he has provided a place for us to live while we are here in Asheville. I do not think anyone knows how long Wesley is going to be in the NICU, but we can bank it is going to be a while. During this time mom and dad need a place to crash. That is where God would show up. We have been blessed by Bob and Ann Dean for them to open up there home for us to stay. They have been huge fans of Asheville Young Life from before we went to college here and were always so supportive during our years we were leaders, but then we moved on and started a new life in Greensboro. But when something like this happens it is amazing to see how the years away don't matter at all. As soon as we stepped out of the car in their driveway there were the Deans with arms open wide to give us comforting hugs. We are so thankful for them and ask that you would pray for the Deans as they graciously let us live in their home. Not only have the Deans open their home but there mailbox as well. Some of you all have asked for a place to send notes, so feel free to send them to the following address.

Greg & Lucy Noble
c/o Bob & Ann Dean
12 Cedar Hill Drive
Asheville, NC 28803

Thankful for you all and thankful for your prayers for Bob and Ann.

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