Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Please Join us in Prayer!

I love this pictures of Wesley. It might be the first time you guys have seen him with his eyes open! Wesley is become more alert everyday. Yesterday when I held him he had his eyes open the whole time and was doing the funniest faces, it was such a special time.
On another note we would love for you to continue to pray for Wesley. About a week ago on the 19th they did another brain scan. It showed that he had a mild case of hydrocephalus. (He has not had any new bleeds or blood since the one that they found at the very beginning. We have just been monitoring his head and seeing what this blood was going to do. ) Hydrocephalus is a fancy word for fluid on the brain. They have been measuring his head circumference since April 7th to see if it was swelling or expanding. His head had only grown at a normal rate and was doing good until April 22nd it grew 1cm and has continued to grow very fast over night which was a huge cause for concern. The blood that is in there is trying to get out but is clogged and not only being stuck in there but it is not letting spinal fluid through or absorbing it. Yesterday we walked in and talked to the doctor. He was nervous about his head growth and decided to go ahead and do a spinal tap to relieve some of the pressure. Wesley did great, they removed 7cc of spinal fluid and his head went down a quarter of a cm. We are now in a waiting pattern to see what will happen. The doctor explained that most babies in his case their head will continue to expand and then at 4-5 weeks it will level off and go down. Wesley turned 3 weeks old on Sunday the 26th. So they want to wait and see what he will do. In the mean time they might continue to do Spinal taps to relieve pressure until they see what exactly he his going to do. One encouraging thing is that on the ultrasound they can see the clot trying to break down and go away and they do believe that it will do that in time. There is a possibility that we hope does not happen, is that his head just continues to expand and does not level off at 4-5 weeks. He will then most likely need a shunt, but he is not big enough. He will have to be 5lbs for a shunt. So until then an neurologist will put a port in the top of his head that will act like a well and they will draw fluid straight from there.
This is all extremely scary and nerve racking for us. I think that it is because the doctor said that having this puts him at high risk for developmental problems along with just being a preemie. We will not know the effects this will have on him until 2,3,4,or 5 yrs. old. There is a chance that this spinal tap and maybe a couple more will do the trick and help him along. That is our prayer. They do not want to be doing spinal taps too frequently. Please pray that his head will not swell or expand anymore. That the clot and the blood will take care of itself and be reabsorbed into the body and that there would be no more pressure on the brain. Pray for healthy brain growth and not lasting or permanent effects from this. Pray that Greg and I would not worry, but would trust the great God that created and loves our little one. Thanks for caring for us and loving us. We can't wait to tell you what God is going to do!


  1. Hi.... You don't know me... I stumbled across your website- perhaps through "My Charming Kids" website... I cant' remember :) Either way, I wanted to let you know I think about your Wesley every day and look forward to updates to hear how he is progressing. He is so tiny and SO SO cute! I just wanted to let you and your family know I pray for him daily and hope he continues to improve!
    Praying for you all- all the way from Ontario Canada!


  2. Thank you for letting us know what is going on, We have been and will continue to pray for sweet Wesley and you both! God is still here and he is still good!I will pray that you are all able to rest in his arms!

  3. Still praying for Wesley. What a sweet picture with his eyes open. I know you are very concerned about his head growth, but trust in God to take care of Wesley. He is the Great Physician. Enjoy your time with Wesley. It is hard to believe that he is 3 weeks old! Love & blessings, Melinda.

  4. Lucy, I am so proud of you. I always knew you would be a great Mommy! I am honored and blessed to be your Mother. I am so thankful for you and for our new grandson Wesley. I love you and Wesley with all my heart. Mom

  5. What a wonderful picture of sweet Wesley! We are praying for him daily. You two are doing a great job!
    Jason got into Appalachian and will play on the tennis team! We are so proud of him!
    We love you three!
    Paul and Nancy Hull

  6. we are praying for wesley and you guys continuously! he is getting so big!

  7. Greg and Lucy, what a sweet little one. He is so precious and we want you to know we are praying for little Wesley and for you guys. He is in the Masters hands so rest in that.

    We love you, Don and Sherian Cupit

  8. Greg and Lucy---I just got your blog site from a friend of mine who works at Windy Gap. My husband is on YL staff in Fort Myers, FL. We were visiting my family this summer and I gave birth to my little girl, MaryCate at 25 weeks. She will be 11 months this week. I just read through your blog and want you to know we went through that entire "roller coaster" ourselves. If you guys have any questions about the process, although we are not experts we are more than willing to talk. My email is bashea@liberty.edu and my husbands email is ylmustaine@gmail.com. Also if you wanted to see our blog it is www.babymustaine@blogspot.com. We will commit to lifting your sweet Wesley up in prayer. That the bleeding would dry up and he would grow quickly so you can take him home!!