Monday, April 5, 2010

Wesley is ONE!!!!!

on the beach with Daddy
on the beach with mommy

playing in the sand

playing in the water

loving the pool float

the water feels good

opening presents after breakfast

yummy birthday ice cream

what do I want?????

My clown Sundae!!!

Our little boy is ONE!!!! We can not believe that it has been a whole year. Greg and I looked at each other around 2:45 this afternoon and were reminiscing of that crazy day and looking at how God had his hand on us and on Wesley the whole time. We are so thankful for the help and the care we received and that we were surrounded by people that helped and took care of us. What if we had gotten in the car and drove home? God is good. We couldn't be more thankful for our little boy. He is full of so much life. He bring us so much joy. He is sitting up by himself, rocking on his knees (trying to crawl), his 4th tooth is coming in, loves being outside and around people, still says hey all the time, loves yogurt and any food he does not have to chew or has chunks. We are so blessed and thankful were he is and all he is doing.
We have been at the beach for Spring Break and the Easter Holiday. We have had such a relaxing time and just fun as a family. Wesley has gone swimming for the first time and loves the water. He played in the sand and stuck his feet in the cold ocean. For his birthday we took him to dinner and then to Friendly's for a clown ice cream sundae. You should have seen his face when they brought out his Sundae to him singing and clapping. He loved his ice cream! It was a great day with our one year old!
Wesley you scared us silly a year ago. We loved you from the second we saw you and fall more in love with you with every little smile and nose twitch. We couldn't imagine life without you and can't wait to watch you grow. Happy First Birthday Wesman! We Love you!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wesley's First Birthday Party

Can you believe someone is almost one??

yummy food

Wesley's birthday table

cousin Myles entertaining a bunch of adults (I wonder were he gets that from)

some of our HS friends

why is everybody singing and looking at me??

Wesley with Mommy & Daddy

This is Yummy
thank you to our sponsors: TCBY - a yummy low fat delicious dessert

Some old SE younglifers came to the party!
Aunt Brooke & Aunt Amy

Amanda & Megan made the drive too!!- True friends

Wesley with Mimi & Pawpaw

Playing with friends Liam & Alexander. Liam is Wesley's PT's son and Alexander is in Wesley's music class. Wesley is wondering why people are playing with his toys, he is not use to that. Liam and Wesley will go to preschool together next year.

opening presents! Thanks everyone for the fun gifts!

We had Wesley's First Birthday party this past Sunday since his birthday is the day after Easter and most people will be out of town including us. It was a great time. We had lots of friends come to celebrate with us and make this day special for our little guy. I only wish he had felt better for the party. He woke up in the middle of the night running a high fever. That morning he just wanted to sleep and not eat much. He made it through the party and had fun. Why does that happen?? He was perfectly fine the next day. There has to be a statistic that 87% of children wake up with a fever or get a fever the day of their birthday party. Anyways, Wesley is still not eating much more than pureed foods still so we did TCBY yogurt instead of cake. It was really yummy and he loves it. One of the couples on our YL committee owns the local TCBY so they brought cups of vanilla yogurt and we made sundaes! They were a big hit. Wesley hangs out at TCBY on Mondays when Mommy and Daddy go to the High School for lunch, so we knew that he would love it.
We can't believe that our little boy is going to be 1 in less than a week and we are so thankful for the people that came and celebrated with us. We had people drive from Greensboro!! We went kind of over the top for his first birthday, but this day is extra special to us. We are celebrating how far God has brought us and how faithful he is. A year ago on his birthday we were overjoyed and terrified all at the same time. We didn't know if he would make it or how long we would have with him. Now we are celebrating his first birthday with a happy, healthy, BIG boy. This year has been crazy but filled with so much joy, laughter, smiles, and love for our little boy. His smile is contagious and he is so fun to be with! So here is to 100 more years of Wesley!! We love you Wesman!
A special thanks to all the people that helped us out with this party, especially the grandparents- you guys are awesome!!

Wesley Enjoying his Birthday Presents!!!

still playing with our birthday cards!

this is fun

couldn't be happier

had to put this one in there- Wesley eating a Saltine cracker for the 1st time

hanging out on the slide

driving the bus- want a ride??

look at that face

look at that look- I wonder who he gets those facial expressions from???

Wesley was blessed with many fun gifts that we can't wait to play with. Greg spent some time before Wesley's birthday putting together some presents he got. My parents got him a Little Tikes School bus that has a slide on the back. It took a while to put together. Greg said that he thinks that the thing has more screws then our bed does. Greg and I got Wesley a swing for the backyard to hang from a tree. Greg did a beautiful job hanging it and it looks better than I even imagined. Wesley got to swing on it for the first time yesterday and LOVED it. He could not stop smiling and laughing the whole time. Thanks daddy your the best!!! The best part is that we can swing and throw Scout the frisbee. That dog needs all the attention he can get!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wesley's First Snow

all bundled up and ready to go outside!

standing in the snow, boy this stuff is cold
just chillin in the snow

mommy, what is that?

hanging out in the snow with daddy

our first snow in Aberdeen
it is cold out here!

It snowed!!!! This is our first snow since moving to the Sandhills and Wesley's first snow ever! Since we moved from Greensboro it snows every other day there. We bundled Wesley all up and took him out for a second to experience the chilly white goodness. He thought that it was pretty cool (no pun intended). We are having so much fun with our little boy. His new trick is saying "hey, hey, hey, hey". More on that later, for right now we are enjoying the snow and being stuck inside all together.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the Door

The people that we bought our house from I think liked looking at themselves because on both of the outsides of the bathroom doors there are full length mirrors. It took me a while to get use them. Before I kind of enjoyed not knowing what my whole outfit really looked like together or when I dry my hair with the bathroom door open I miss not knowing what the back of my hair looks like. I never saw these things so I just never thought that much about it. (Maybe a bad thing) anyway... Wesley loves the mirrors. Here are some fun pictures of him sitting in front of the mirror in our bathroom in the Bumbo seat looking at himself. What a cutie.

The Helmet Update

His new "Large" helmet on the left
Number 1027! I have not removed the stickers yet! How can you not love that face.
What I get to wake up to every morning
Putting tape over the glasses to protect his eyes from the laser
shooting his head with the laser gun.. It puts a perfect 3D image of his skull on the computer. Every little bump and curve
Putting on the glasses to protect his eyes
This is the Eeyore that plays "Do your ears hang low" in a really depressing voice that they distract him with
Taking pictures with the do-rag on

We went to Wake Forest for Wesley's helmet appointment. The Dr. that he sees is in Baptist hospital and is a plastic surgeon (weird) They schedule all the babies that have to wear helmets and have cleft pallets and such on Tuesdays they said so when people are there getting boob jobs and tummy tucks they won't fell bad seeing all these babies. He has worn his helmet for 4 months now. When he first got it I was so upset and it was a hard thing for me to swallow him having to wear this helmet all the time, but I am so glad that we have done it. What a change it has made in the shape of his head! Now when he is not wearing his helmet he looks naked. Above are pictures of his appointment they start at the bottom and go to the top. It is the coolest thing that they do. They take pictures of his head with a laser and it puts this perfect image of his skull on the computer 3D and they can put the new and old images next to each other so you can see how much the shape of his head has changed. These helmets work miracles. I still don;t really understand it but it takes pressure off of his head so it can form round. It has helped realign his ears and his cheeks and push back his forehead. He still is wearing his helmet (and had to get a larger one) but only when he sleeps. He has to do this for 2 months and then I think he is done!! It has surprisingly never really bothered him. There have been a couple times when I have gone in his room in the middle of the night and he has his helmet around his arm. He is a joy!!!!!!!!!