Monday, April 13, 2009

A Small Step Forward, an Answered Prayer

We can't believe that Wesley was born a week ago. The days have seemed so long but the week has gone by fast. It definitley has been a rollercoaster. We are clinging to the hope that we have in Christ and the hope that Wesley has in Christ and believing that God has a plan for this little man. Thank you, Thank you for your prayers. We spoke with the doctor today. They did another EKG to check for the PDA duct. Last EKG they found that his was still open and that it was a large opening. They were waiting for Monday to do another EKG to determine a plan of action, either medicine or surgery. We got the word out and people have been praying. The doctor came to us today and said that it has gotten smaller and that it looks like it is trying to close on its own. Praise the Lord! Please keep praying. They are all meeting tomorrow to determine what they want to do now. It still might be medicine or surgery but we are thankful and praising God for a small victory today.

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