Saturday, April 25, 2009

Some Encouragement Today

From almost day one the doctors and nurses have been telling us that this is going to be a roller coaster of a ride. And boy have we felt that on a daily basis with tests and news from doctors. Yesterday was defiantly one of those days. Wesley had both the head ultrasound and the echo but we did not hear anything from the doctors by the end of the day which we do not know what that means exactly, but no news is good news for right now. When I left the hospital yesterday around 5:30 Wesley was sacked out and resting very comfortably for about 3 hours. He was on his back and really cute to watch sleeping.
The big news of the day is that he graduated up to the next level of respiratory therapy. He moved off of the CPAP and onto the high flow nasal cannula. YEAH!!!! This is a HUGE step and we just pray that he will be able to be on there for a while and not have to go back to the CPAP. You can see him chilling with his oxygen up in the picture. Also check out his sweet hat. If it were only camo so we can get him ready for turkey season. Another awesome part of the day was that when they were switching him over it was the first time we saw him without any of that junk on his face. Check out his sweet face. It was so cool to not only see his lips but his whole face. We thank the Lord for the day he made for Wesley yesterday. Our amazing friend Jana Barrett and the other person holding Lucy's leg during labor brought us Wesley's first bible yesterday. It was so amazing and has his name engraved on the front. What a great gift for a kids that is getting the psalms read to him everyday. This was our encouragement from the word for our crazy day yesterday. Psalm 19:14, "May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord my Rock and my REDEEMER." My we know his nearness and his grace this day.


  1. What a precious picture of Wesley!! He is so adorable. I love getting to read about him and know that to specifically pray for. My computer has been in the shop this week, so I have been behind on my blog reading about Wesley. So glad that he is doing good. One day at a time. What a blessing that he is taking tiny steps each day, but it sounds so positive. The one thing that is so awesome is that you can hold him!! Such a sweet little face. Have a nice weekend. Love & blessings, Melinda.

  2. The Watson boys went turkey hunting yesterday with their dad and Grandfather - They are wondering how old Wesley is going to have to be to go turkey hunting with them...maybe a few more one got a turkey yesterday, by the way, but they saw a bunch! You are all in our prayers every day. We love the updates and pictures. Blessings!
    Cynthia Watson and boys!

  3. You don't know me but I am praying that the Great Physician will heal Wesley and Greg and put his shield of protection around you Lucy. Kay Bristol(Emily Hulsman's Mom)

    Heaven is being flooded with prayers for your precious family.