Monday, June 29, 2009


Wesley had an MRI this evening. His bleed in his brain has been doing well and the doctors wanted to do and MRI before we went home. The nurse came in this afternoon and said that the doctor had ordered it for today. Wesley needed to be still for 30 minutes for the MRI so they had to give him some medicine to make him tired and calm. Boy did it work. We paraded down to radiology on the 2nd floor with Wesley, a monitor, and a tank of oxygen. It was his first time leaving the NICU. (which is awesome, that means he has not had any surgeries yet. He did great for the MRI, but when we got him back in his bed he was so out of it he wouldn't breathe. This is scariest thing. We are praying that this medicine will wear off soon and he will be back to his wiggly coherent self. He weighed in tonight at 7 pounds 12.8 ounces. He is getting to be such a big boy. What a joy he has been. It has been so fun to be in transition with him and get to bond with him in a whole new way. Hoping to get some sleep tonight, that is if he keeps breathing! Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers.
  • Please pray for the results of the MRI that we will probably get tomorrow. Pray for a healthy brain with no signs of a bleed or any kind of damage.

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