Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My first Birthday as a Mommy

Boy, was I celebrated well today! I woke up to Greg and 2 friends (Betsy & Jenna) making me a pancake breakfast. That was surprise #1. We then went to the hospital and found an awesome parking spot on the first try surprise #2. Went up to the NICU to see Wesley and the picture above was what we saw. The respiratory therapists decorated Wesley's crib (no he did not do it) and got me a sweet card and gift surprise #3 Wesley had made me a card surprise #4. I then changed his diaper and he had a big poop surprise #5. I got to feed Wesley with a bottle surprise #6. My sweet boys (Greg & Wesley) surprised me with Tulips surprise #7. My parents sent me flowers to the NICU also surprise #8. Greg brought me back home where friends of ours were waiting for us to hang out and eat cake surprise #9. What a great day. I couldn't have asked for more. It's funny how the things you care about change when you become a parent. I would have been happy with the big poop today. The thing that was not a surprise was how Greg wanted me to feel so special today and went out of his way to do so. Thanks sweety! Thanks to everyone for all the sweet notes and phone messages. I appreciate them. Here's to year 28!

I couldn't leave this picture out. Here is Wesley last Thursday. He has outgrown preemie clothes. His legs will no longer fit in them.


  1. Happy Birthday! I'm glad you got so many great surprises! including the b-day poop! ha ha
    he looks soo big, what a precious baby boy

  2. goose, how sweet of your hubby and babe and all of your friends for your birthday. the day came and went without me sending you well wishes but you were in my thoughts all day and always in my prayers. 28, what a big year for you. i am looking forward to you getting to change a lot of poopy diapers and taking sweet wesley home in his big boy clothes! happy birthday, lucy. you deserve all of those wonderful surprises and many more to come for year 28. love you, margeaux xoxo

  3. Yeah to 28!! Wesley is getting so big! You can really tell in this last photo! I'm glad your birthday was so wonderful! I'm sure you'll have many more poopy diaper birthdays!! = )

  4. Happy Birthday Lucy!! Sorry we were not able to be there to celebrate with you last night! I'm glad you had a wonderful day! Wesley looks awesome!! What a handsome fella and he is getting so big! We're continuing the prayers for your sweet family and will see you soon!