Sunday, June 21, 2009

An Awesome Father's Day for an Awesome Father and TRANSITION AHEAD!!

Today we celebrated Greg being a new Daddy! What a blessing it has been to walk beside Greg so far in this awesome but crazy adventure of parenthood. Greg has been awesome. It is so fun to see him care for Wesley so well. He loves to hold him, change diapers, and feed him! I couldn't ask for more! I can't wait for the years to come. Here is a picture of Greg and Wesley snuggling together today.
We spent the morning with Wesley at the hospital and then we went with the Dean's to their beautiful lake house on lake Keowee to spend the evening and night. Thanks Bob & Ann for letting us join you for a relaxing getaway!

It was such a blessing for us to leave the hospital for a while and getaway for some much need relaxation time. Tomorrow is a big day for us. Wesley is moving to transition!! This is one step closer to the door. He will still be in the NICU but he will have his own room and we will be rooming in with him. We will be his primary caregivers and the nurses will be there with us too of course. We are excited to finally get to do the parent role and not just visitation. We will be in transition for a couple of weeks until he is ready to go home. This will be a time to help us transition into taking care of him. We are so excited. We know that the days of sleeping are behind us, but we couldn't be more excited and more ready for this new adventure. Andf for those of you who are keeping track Wesley weighs 6 pounds 11 ounces.


  1. What a wonderful Father's Day for Greg!! And to be able to move Wesley to transition tomorrow will be so awesome. Praise God that he is doing so well and will be coming home soon. He is getting to be such a BIG BOY!!! Glad you could get away for some much needed rest and relaxation! Love & blessings, Melinda.

  2. what a great Father's Day gift, the start of a whole new adventure in parenting! I know you are both so excited and we are all praising God for his faithfulness. Time will be short now but try to keep us posted when you can. We are all so excited for you!
    Lova ya,