Thursday, July 2, 2009

38 weeks - 88 days old - 12 weeks old- or 3 months old

Wesley sound asleep in his crib. Thanks Brooke and Wendy for the blanket
still asleep

Wesley chiiling in the swing. We came back to our room today and Wesley was in a swing!

Greg and Wesley snoozing together

Our friends Joylynn and Thor came to visit us on their Southeast Road trip

Greg's Mom and her friend Betty made a day trip to Asheville to visit

sucking on the passie

laying in the crib at 20 inches long

Wesley chilling in his crib

sleeping with arm in front of his face. I think he was trying to hide

Hanging out with PawPaw

Picture with Mimi and Pawpaw

Mommy loves to hold me

Which birthday do you want for Wesley? This Sunday he will be 3 months old. Today he has reached 38 weeks gestationally. We are excited that July 16th is only 2 weeks away. We have been waiting for this date for a long time. Sometimes it felt like it was coming fast and other times it seemed like time stood still. We are still in transition and loving spending more time with our little guy. Wesley is doing great. Getting bigger everyday. Today he weighed 7 pounds 15 ounces. He is continuing to eat more on his own without using the tube and we are hoping to loose the tube sometime soon. We received the results from the MRI yesterday and they were good. The were looking for damage to the white matter of his brain. This is something that is often effected in preemies and would effect their motor skills. The MRI showed that his is good! What a blessing. The rest of the report was kind of scary to read, but was all the stuff that we already knew, just written on paper. When Wesley had the bleed in his brain during the first few days of life there are chunks of his brain that are gone or dead that he will not be able to use. The amazing thing is that his brain is like plastic right now and he does not know how to do anything yet, so his brain should compensate and just use different parts that are healthy. Like I said earlier in the blog, we will not know any effects of the bleed until later when he is suppose to reach specific milestones. He could have no effects and that is what we are praying for. This is just one more thing we are going to have to trust God for and with. We are enjoying everyday with our little boy and can't wait for the day to bring him home.


  1. Happy Birthday Wesley! He has gotten to be such a big boy. Praises for good reports and prayers for continued concerns. What a lesson in faith this has been for all of you and as far as I'm concerned it looks like you're passing with flying colors. Continue to have faith, God IS GOOD!
    Love and hugs for you all!

  2. he is beautiful! seems like he is getting so much stronger every day...even from just a few days ago..he looks so much bigger and stonger :)