Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July from our Little Firecracker

Our Little Firecracker!

The fam on the 4th

Wesley sleeping with Pappy (Greg's Dad)

Just had a bath and snuggled in to sleep

The proud grandparents Nana and Pappy! Thanks for coming to see us.

We enjoyed the fourth of July with our little guy. Ben and Meredith McDaniel and their super cute little boy Grady came and visited us and brought Wesley this very cute 4th of July shirt that says "Little Firecracker". That he is! Thanks guys for the visit and the cute shirt! Greg's parents came to visit also this weekend and we had a great time hanging out with them. Wesley is doing great doing what he does best- eating, sleeping, pooping, and being cute. He weighed 8 pounds 1 ounce today. They have been fortifying his milk to add calories for a long time now and they took it away this week because he is gaining weight and they don't want him to get too chunky. He continues to be weaned down on his respiratory support and is handling it great. We are praying to get rid of it soon so he will not have to go home on it. Please join us in praying with us for this. We are anxiously awaiting going home but still do not know when it will be.


  1. So cute!! I cannot believe how big your little guy is! We are praying for you guys...keep up the good mommy and daddy work =)

  2. Glad your "little firecracker" is doing so well. Still praying for you guys! I hope you will be able to bring Wesley home soon! Love & blessings, Melinda Smith.