Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wesley Today

We have been through a lot of changes in the last week with Wesley. This biggest being his weight gain. If you will remember when he was born a short 6 weeks ago he weighted 2 pounds 9 ounces. About a week later he was down to 2 pounds 1 ounce. Once they got his PDA closed they were able to get him back on breast milk and he took off like he was chowing down at Golden Corral. He is now weighing a hefty 3 pounds 9 ounces. We are loving the pounds on him and he is starting to look more like a baby.

We have had some excitement today. Much like most days we don't know what we are going to walk into when we come to visit in the morning. Today was one of those days. When we got here the doctor told us he was going to repeat the spinal tap in order to relieve some of the fluid. We were nervous, but we took some time to pray with Wesley and lift him up again to the great physician. We were also thankful for folks praying that we sent a quick text message t0. He went through the procedure just fine, but it will take a while to see the results. Also today we got news that he is going to have an eye exam tomorrow. Every preemie has a test done when they are 31 weeks gestationaly to see if the blood vessels in the back of his eyes have developed correctly. Please join us in praying for that test. We have been so blessed by the way we have seen God's hand in these last few weeks. One of the most obvious ways is in the way people are praying and God is listening. Thank you for being faithful.

"A satisfying prayer life elevates and purifies every act of body and mind and integrates the entire personality into a single spiritual unit. In the long pull we pray only as well as we live."

A.W. Tozer

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