Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Baby's Daddy

When the resident doctor checked me out and looked at Greg and I and said, "you are 10cm dilated you are having a baby" Greg and I looked at each other and his face hit the floor. I was worried that my husband would loose it right there, but the opposite happened. Greg has been amazing through this whole situation. The way that he has cared and continues to care for Wesley and I blows my mind. I am so in love with him, and this whole crazy ordeal has made me fall more in love with him. (if that was possible) This last month has brought us closer together. He has faced every situation with love, faith, and courage and it encourages me to do the same.

Greg has started going back a couple days at a time to Greensboro to work. This has been hard for him feeling guilty about work or about not being with me and Wesley. We drove back to Greensboro together on Saturday morning after being with Wesley for a baby shower. I drove back with my mom on Sunday and Greg stayed to come back today (Tuesday morning) This morning Greg called and said that he had been up all night being sick. Greg has the flu! He went to the Dr. and they gave him some medicine for nausea but said it has to run its course. This is a bummer not only b/c he is sick, but that he can't be up here with us. Please pray for Greg that he would get better quickly! Please pray that I will not get what he has b/c I was exposed to it also. Please PRAY for Wesley that he will not get it since I have been touching and holding him so much. Both my brothers and their wives are both sick with the same thing, (thanks Mom) and it hit everyone at the same time. I have not held or touched Wesley today to be extra careful. If I get through today without it I think I might be ok. It is so hard not to grab his little hand.

Sometimes we ask ourselves do I have what it takes to be a good.... I asked this about myself when I was going through pregnancy: do I have what it takes to be a good parent. Greg definitely has what it takes and more. He not only loves us unconditionally but points us to the one that has always and will always love Wesley and I unconditionally. If there is a father of the year award out there Greg deserves it!


  1. Praying for Greg to get well quickly and for you and Wesley to stay clear of the nasty bug. It hit Kevin last night! It was good to be with you all Saturday night!

  2. Thanks for the updates. Praying for the health of you three. At least no swine flu. :) Blessings.