Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy 6 week birthday

Greg's wedding ring has a yellowish tint to it right now.
Thank you Windy Gap work week.

An aerial shot of our little guy. What a birds eye view.

Snoozing while Lucy chats with Whitney.

Flexing the E.T. hand check out the guns! That's right throw up that L
Go Cards!!!
It is another Sunday and that means one thing. Wesley is another week older. It just seems like yesterday we were at Windy Gap having a good ole time when all of a sudden we were at the hospital giving birth. We have had a crazy roller coaster of a ride ever since, but we are so thankful for everyday we have had with him. Here is a quick update in picture of how our little 6 weeker is doing. Hope you enjoy and again we are thankful for your support.


  1. wow he is so precious... i am praying for yall and for little Wesley

  2. Thanks for the pictures. Wesley is so precious!!! I love the picture of him holding Greg's wedding band. My daughter, Adelaide, is at work week at Windy Gap right now. Still keeping all of you in my prayers. Love & blessings, Melinda Smith.

  3. he's getting bigger! yay! when he gets older, Greg, you'll have to teach him how to fart on people just like his daddy!

  4. I love the updates! Keep them coming. Wesley is a handsome young man!

  5. So glad we got to catch up some yesterday! And thanks for the picture update, what a sweetie. I love his little sleep sack, Ollie used to wear a yellow one every night.

    Love ya'll,