Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wesley's Halo

We had to take Wesley this past week to Wake Forrest to get his head shape looked at. Our pediatrician recommended that we go and get another opinion on his head shape. Preemies often have a different shaped head because everything has to finish developing outside of the womb. Preemies heads tend to grow more up than out. Since Wesley was born so early there are a couple of spots that they want to work on get symmetrical and they feel that

they can do that with a helmet. I was hoping that he would not have to have one but he did. Even though there is nothing wrong and it is just cosmetic, for me it feels like we have taken a step back when I see him in it. For three months of his life I never saw my little boy without something cumbersome and restraining on him so it was hard for me to have to do this. He has to wear it for 4 months 22 hrs. a day. I am getting use to it and he does not seem to mind it. Yes, it is Carolina blue and we are not Carolina fans so that has been fun. We are thinking of how we can decorate it for him so if you have any ideas let me know. He now knows how his dad feels. Everyone always asks Greg "Did you play basketball?" and he sadly says no, now everyone asks Wesley "Do you play football?" and he sadly says my parents won't let me yet.


  1. Some friends took their son's to an airbrush shop and had it airbrushed to look like an NC State football helmet! It was awesome.

  2. we have a place in our hearts for those helmets:) mac had to wear one for several isn't too bad...they get used to wearing it..the down side is when he starts crawling around and rolling over he gets used to not feeling anything when he bumps his head!!! glad to hear you all are doing well and i love wesley's cheeks!!!

  3. Wesley and Shaden have a lot in common. Their helmets are almost identical! Except for size..... Wesley's helmet looks just like Shaden's sparring helmet. Little boys just love to kick each other in the head, and just fall down the sparring helmet comes in handy. It is also an awesome macho babe magnet......but more on that when Wesley is a little older...