Sunday, September 20, 2009

5 Months old

Here is a picture at 4 months. Do you think he has changed????

Wesley is 5 months old (real birthday) and 2 months old adjusted age. Here are a couple of pictures in his big boy t-shirt and shorts ( I know why babies wear onsies). Loving me some Wesley!


  1. he is so adorable!!! got gregs long legs for sure :) praying for yall in pinehurst & hoping you find some moms to hang out with soon--its the best.

  2. Greg and Lucy,
    I am so excited to see baby Wesley and hope to have the chance to give him a hug. All of us here who are part of the YoungLife community have kept you and Wesley in our prayers! My nephew Matt Knauer and his wife Natalie were so kind to send me a link to your blog. What a wonderful miracle to see this bouncy baby boy!