Friday, January 15, 2010

Buzzers and Barfing

We found out or were reminded today of things that Wesley does not like. For dinner he tried Turkey and rice dinner. He had a couple of bites accompanied by pears and instead of spitting them back out at us and refusing them he decides to barf them up and act like he is choking. Wesley is getting to be a pro at this lately. We are now on our third cold of the season and this one is also going on week 2. When he gets a lot of congestion he just throws it up. My carpet loves it. Tonight we decided to try taking Wesley to a basketball game. We tried before taking him to a high school game, but this was a church league basketball game so we thought that since it was on a smaller scale it would be different. No so much. He screamed and screamed and screamed. We had to leave we could not calm him down at all. I hate those buzzers. Why are they so loud?
We are doing great. We are loving it here. Our house is coming together. I need to post some pictures. We are slowly making friends our age and trying to get involved some outside of YL activities. I am starting MOPS this week and am still doing Musikgarten. Wesley is doing great. He has really made progress with his therapies and his delays right now are minor. We are so thankful for that and praying that they stay minor. Everyone is so impressed at how well he is doing. We do have to work with him everyday doing different exercises and helping him reach his next goals. I am going to start trying him on some formula and so far he does not like it so much. Any ideas on that or what worked for you?

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