Wednesday, December 9, 2009

We are very Thankful

Thanksgiving was a great time with family and a great time to relax. (Above are some pictures from our trip) Greg's parents were in Texas visiting his brother, so we went to the beach with my parents. There are many great things about grandparents, but I have to say one really enjoyable thing is to wake up hand the baby to the grandparents and go back to bed. It was great to get a little bit more sleep. I think that we are finally over the ear infection after 2 rounds of antibiotics and a couple of trips to the doctor. While we were at the beach we took Wesley to see Santa. Greg found out that Santa was at the Bass Pro Shop. You have never seen a dad more willing or excited to wait in line to get a picture with Santa. Memories. We are excited about the upcoming holiday and celebrating the wonders and joy of Christmas with our healthy baby boy. If you have a second please continue to pray for his health and development. Many of you have asked for our new address, so here it is, we would love to hear from you or see you if you are ever this way!

Greg, Lucy, & Wesley Noble

914 Magnolia Dr.

Aberdeen, NC 28315

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